main_banner_10colIf your reading event site has room for hundreds of flags you can increase the excitement of your reading event and increase your chances of media coverage. The Colonial Flag Foundation can help your nonprofit organization determine if the Field of Flags will work for your site and help you arrange it step-by-step. They can also help with patriotic educational materials and fundraising ideas. For more information CLICK HERE.

What are We Read the Constitution? was formed in order to promote the reading of the Constitution in its entirety by as many Americans as possible. The Tea Party movement has stimulated a widespread interest in our founding documents, principles, and ideals. We’re organizing a nationwide series of local events celebrating the United States Constitution on September 14, 2013. Across the United States, ordinary citizens will be hosting or attending local gatherings at public places and backyard barbecues where they will read aloud the entire text of the United States Constitution. It is a profoundly moving exercise that will take less than one hour.

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